Waving a carrot in front of your learners to spur them on in their learning.


Tracking your learners to ensure they progress in their studies.


Driving your learners through the course to successful completion.

Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing.


Elizabeth F. Barkley

As more and more learners are using online systems for studying qualifications or completing training courses, there is a need to realise that these learners should be engaged in their learning as much as those in a traditional classroom environment.


LAE Consultants works with clients to develop and implement bespoke learner engagement strategies that help support learners in their studies, minimises attrition rates and increases the chances of successful completion of these courses whilst ensuring a positive and enjoyable learning experience for the student.


With over 20 years' experience in teaching, educational management and eLearning, Mal Blackburne, Director of LAE Consultants, will bring a fresh and innovative approach to your online learning courses and show you how, through a targeted engagement policy, you can create online courses that put the learner firmly at the centre of their own learning and give them ownership over their education.


engaging the online learner


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